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This book template has been designed to conform to Edward R. Tufte’s design style, used in his books and handouts. The most defining feature of this design is the large margin on every page and extensive use of sidenotes. This layout means that the central column of text is uncluttered since further descriptions and citations are housed in the margin. Tufte’s design style does not end there and numerous other typographic and layout tweaks are present in this template and are described in the documentation template.

This template consists of two compilable templates: the documentation template – main.tex and the minimal template – book_1_template.tex. The documentation template contains the documentation for the Tufte-LaTeX class and describes the features of the template with many examples. The minimal template is a stripped-down version with easily-replaceable dummy text to get you writing your own book in the Tufte-LaTeX style without worrying about which blocks of text to remove from the documentation template. It is recommended that you read the documentation template and use it as a guide for writing in the minimal template since it contains many instructions and examples that you will likely require.

Original Authors:

The Tufte-LaTeX class and documentation template were originally created by the Tufte-LaTeX Developers. The minimal template has been created for this website and the documentation template has been modified to fit the commenting style of this website to make it easier to use.



Real-World Example:

A draft book called Number Theory has been written using this style by Sean Sather Wagstaff based upon notes from a course taught by Benedict Gross in 1999. This provides a useful example of how this template can be used to write a real book.

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