An essay is a document written from the author’s point of view to convey a personal opinion. Essays often tie together multiple sources of information to support the central argument that the author is making. Typically structured in paragraphs without headings, essays are a very common method of academic assessment used in schools and universities.

Tufte Essay

This template uses the Tufte class to create an elegant layout for writing essays or other long-form texts. This class features a somewhat controversial wide margin on the right side of each page. The template starts with a clear title and summary then shows how a large amount of text (typical in an essay) looks in the layout. Pages 2 and on show numerous examples of common essay elements including: sectioning, referencing, figures and tables, typography options and a bibliography. Read the text and margin notes carefully as these include examples and instructions for how to implement these various elements in your own essay.

Diaz Essay

This essay template is best used for literature essays containing mostly text. This is supported by a thin single column layout with clear unnumbered section titles to increase readability. The template contains an abstract, keywords and references, which makes it suitable for college/university essays but these elements can be easily removed for a simpler high school essay. Further examples of common essay components are included: referencing using a bibliography, an inline figure, a table and lists.