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This template is for teachers/instructors/educators to create assignments/homework for their students. It includes a clear title on the first page for the course, assignment and teacher’s name, as well as the institution and date. Sets of questions can be grouped by headings and the template includes examples of unnumbered and numbered sections, and numbered subsections (for longer assignments).

Amongst the description text for each question, examples are provided for virtually any subject matter, including: equations, algorithms, code and command line outputs. Questions to students are clearly presented in question boxes with optional titles, and these can be in paragraph form or multi-choice, as shown in the template. Specific elements that students should pay particular attention to can be housed in either warning or information blocks delimited with a bold line on the left to draw attention.


This template was created by Marion Lachaise and François Févotte and was modified for this website by Vel.


Lachaise Assignment Preview

Usage Guide


This template should be compiled with standard pdflatex.

Custom Environments

This template includes 5 custom environments for displaying information pertinent to the questions.

The commandline environment is used for displaying commands and outputs in a command line/terminal window. You may want to use the standard LaTeX verbatim environment, as used in the template, to avoid issues with command line characters giving unexpected errors.

The file environment shows the contents of a file containing code, such as a Python script. It can take an optional argument of the filename being reproduced, typically if the file is provided for students along with the assignment. The template uses the lstlisting environment to show some Python code but it is easy to change programming languages (for syntax highlighting) to something different by modifying the [language=Python] parameter.

The question environment is for displaying questions for the student to answer. Each time this environment is used the question number automatically increases to save you from manually numbering questions. The environment takes an optional argument for a title. You can create any type of question you’d like in this environment and the template includes an example of a multi-choice question using the enumerate environment as well as a paragraph question.

The warn and info environments are similar, apart from the symbol they place in the circle at the top of the left-hand line. Warnings use a “!” and information uses a “i”, but both stand out from surrounding text to draw the student’s eye to important information. The warn environment allows you to specify a custom title as an optional parameter and the template uses “Notice:” as an example instead of the default “Warning:”. The info environment does not allow this.

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