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This presentation template uses the Fancyslides class which builds on top of the well-known beamer class to give it a modern and concise design. The template is very minimalist with large font sizes and little space for text and would thus be suited for popular presentations by confident speakers. It makes extensive use of background images for slides to provide a strong visual counterpart to the verbal presentation. Content within the presentation is housed within translucent colored circles or rectangles. The former are used for main points or section delineations while the latter are used for larger blocks of text or data slides. The template starts with an example of how to display a main point/section and goes on to provide examples of descriptive plain text, bullet point lists, a numbered list, table, figure and sources slide. Several predefined color options are present within the template and you can also define your own.

Original Authors:

The Fancyslides class was created by Pawel Lupkowski and is available here. This template uses this class but has been extensively modified for this website by Vel.



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