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Elsevier’s elsarticle document class and templates can be used by academics to write and submit journal articles to all Elsevier journals. There are presently over 2,700 journals published by Elsevier with over 250,000 articles published per year. Popular journals include Cell, The Lancet, Lancet Infectious Diseases and Lancet Neurology but a complete list of all Elsevier journals can be found here. Elsevier explicitly state that this class and templates are their preferred format for articles submitted to all of their journals.

The elsarticle.zip package distributed here contains the elsarticle document class (elsarticle.cls), its documentation (elsdoc.pdf), a number of templates (elsarticle-template-*.tex) and BibTeX bibliographic style files (*.bst). The only differences between the template files are different referencing styles because each journal has a preferred style. You will need to determine which referencing style (and therefore template) to use by consulting this document which lists the reference styles for each journal published by Elsevier. Once you have determined the correct .tex file to use, open it and use the commenting within the template to guide you in writing your article. It is recommended that you read through the documentation in elsdoc.pdf as this contains useful information on referencing, class options and environments.

An example of one of the templates filled out with dummy text is available in the download section below and is provided as a reference for how to write your article in LaTeX. Do not use this example for writing your article. All new articles should be written using the elsarticle.zip package using the correct template for the journal you wish to submit to.

Copyright Owner:

The elsarticle document class is created and owned by Elsevier. It is licensed under the LaTeX Project Public License (1.3). Any bugs, feature requests and suggestions about this class can be emailed to elsarticle@river-valley.com.

LaTeX Templates cannot change this class or template in any way for redistribution and files provided here are unmodified from their original source at Elsevier. The example template has been filled in with dummy content to provide an example of how to fill out the templates within elsarticle.zip, it is otherwise unmodified.



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