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American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications allows authors to submit their manuscripts formatted in LaTeX to any of their journals. For this, they provide a demo template which contains the structure and reference style they would like for submissions.

The demo template provided here includes the achemso class, bibliography style, documentation and an example template with associated bibliography. While the demo template is extensively commented, any additional configuration options you need or problems you may experience are likely to be solved by reading the included achemso.pdf documentation. The demo template features a single-column layout for easy reviewing and all of the document elements that are typically found in journal articles: article information, author information, tables, figures, equations, references and more.

ACS Publications has two options for submitting to their journals. The first involves submitting your compiled PDF as the manuscript along with the TeX files used to compile it in a ZIP archive. Alternatively, you can submit the TeX files only and have their automated system create the manuscript PDF for you. For more information on this and other guidelines see the Preparing and Submitting Manuscripts Using TeX/LaTeX page on their website.

ACS Publications currently publishes the following journals:

Accounts of Chemical Research; ACS Applied Materials; Interfaces; ACS Catalysis; ACS Chemical Biology; ACS Chemical Neuroscience; ACS Combinatorial Science; ACS Macro Letters; ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters; ACS Nano; ACS Photonics; ACS Sustainable Chemistry; Engineering; ACS Symposium Series; ACS Synthetic Biology; Advances in Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Biochemistry; Bioconjugate Chemistry; Biomacromolecules; Biotechnology Progress; C&EN Online; Chemical Research in Toxicology; Chemical Reviews; Chemistry of Materials; Crystal Growth; Design; Energy; Fuels; Environmental Science; Technology; Environmental Science; Technology Letters; Industrial; Engineering Chemistry; Industrial; Engineering Chemistry Research; Inorganic Chemistry; Journal of the American Chemical Society; Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry; Journal of Chemical; Engineering Data; Journal of Chemical Education; Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling; Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation; Journal of Medicinal Chemistry; Journal of Natural Products; The Journal of Organic Chemistry; The Journal of Physical Chemistry A; The Journal of Physical Chemistry B; The Journal of Physical Chemistry C; The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters; Journal of Proteome Research; Langmuir; Macromolecules; Molecular Pharmaceutics; Nano Letters; Organic Letters; Organic Process Research; Development and Organometallics.

Copyright Owner:

The achemso class and demo template provided here were created and are owned by ACS Publications – licensed under The LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3. They are an unmodified version of that found on the CTAN page for the achemso class (version 3.8a). More information on submitting to ACS Publications journals using this template can be found on their Preparing and Submitting Manuscripts Using TeX/LaTeX page.



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