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The Wiley Publishing Company provides two templates for authors wishing to use LaTeX to supply their books for typesetting. The difference between the two templates is purely in their dimensions, one is for 6″ x 9″ books while the other is for 7″ x 10″ books. The templates include all features required for book publication: title page, copyright page, dedication, contributors list, table of contents/figures/tables, acronyms, glossary, symbols, parts, chapters, appendices, references and an index. Each template comes with two .tex files:

  • W-BKSAMPL.TEX which contains dummy content and shows how to include virtually any document element in your book, and
  • w-bktmpl.tex which is a blank template structured identically to W-BKSAMPL.TEX.

You can either modify the first document with your own content or simply use it as a guide and fill in the second from scratch. Also included with each template is detailed documentation of the Wiley style (docs.pdf) and a step-by-step walk through the template with explanations of each element in the document (pages.pdf). This represents a complete resource for you to write your book and takes all the hassle out of formatting and figuring out how to include a specific document element!

Copyright Owner:

The Wiley book style provided here was created and is owned by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. It is an unmodified version of that found on the Manuscript Guidelines for Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly page of the Wiley website. This page also contains contact details for sending proposals to Wiley Publishing.



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