Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this website.

The website was made and is administrated by a single person and contributions are more than welcome. Your contribution can help make this the best resource for LaTeX templates online.

What are you looking for?

Templates that are useful, well-designed and easy to edit.

LaTeX can be used for a wide variety of document types and the templates on this website should reflect this. Variety is important within template categories as well, as people have different requirements and tastes in layouts and styles. This is especially true for high-usage templates such as curriculum vitaes, where a choice of templates helps the user create a curriculum vitae suited to their needs. Your template should be different from existing templates already on the website.

Design is an important factor when deciding if a template is useful. New templates should enhance the default layout and specialise it to the purpose for which they are made. Especially stylish and well-designed templates are most useful to submit. Plain documents with just several modifications will be politely rejected.

It is not enough to make a useful and beautiful template only to make the coding of the layout so terrible that nothing can be changed in it. This website aims to deliver easy to edit templates so the average user of LaTeX is not frightened off by pages of inline uncommented commands. This means commenting extensively and clearly indicating where user input should go. LaTeX templates has a distinct commenting style that all new templates must adhere to, and the closer your template is to this the easier it is to process it for inclusion on the website.

What will happen to my template?

All templates submitted can and will be edited as seen fit to match the quality of the website.

Templates will be placed on the website to be freely distributed under the CC Attribution-NC-SA license, unless otherwise requested.

Submitted templates will never be sold without the expressed permission of the author.

I’m ready to submit!

Great! Send an email with your template attached to Please include a description of the template.

Please note that it may take some time for your template to be processed for inclusion and in many cases submissions are rejected for not being original enough from existing templates.