Two Column One-Page CV


This template fits a large amount of information on a single page to make a short stylized CV. Sections can be easily moved if, for example, education is more important than work experience. Due to the relative lack of content in this template compared with a longer multi-page CV template, this template would likely best suit a recent graduate with little work experience looking to succinctly summarize their achievements.

Important notes: this template needs to be compiled with XeLaTeX. There should be a setting in your LaTeX distribution to change to XeLaTeX. This template also uses three fonts which are not distributed with Windows or Linux by default. These will need to be changed to available fonts for the template to compile.

Original Author:

This curriculum vitae was originally created by Alessandro Plasmati but has been extensively modified for this website.


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Alternative Version:

This template has been rewritten by Nicola Fontana as a class to no longer require custom fonts or XeLaTeX. Download it here.

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