The Legrand Orange Book


This book template features an elegant layout with a beautiful title page and part/chapter headings. The book itself is highly structured into parts, chapters, sections and then subsections. Each is numbered and these numbers are prominently displayed in the left margin where each begins as well as in page headers. Sections and subsections also appear as mini tables of contents on pages separating parts of the book to provide an outline of the content to come.

The template is divided into three content chapters housed in two parts to show broad categories of content which can be included in the book. Chapter 1 shows off the way that text looks within the template as paragraphs or lists. This will give you can idea of what large blocks of text will look like. Chapter 2 gives examples of in-text elements including a variety of mathematical and descriptive elements such as theorems, definitions, examples, exercises, problems and many more. These in-text elements feature a stylish design and stand out within the body of large blocks of text. Chapter 3 shows how to include a table and figure within the template for presenting information. The bibliography uses the biblatex package together with the biber backend which allows the separation of books and articles in the reference list automatically. Finally, the index has a clear layout which sorts key words by name then by occurrence within the book.

Due to the strong reliance on sectioning and the associated numbering, this template is suited to technical books such as workbooks, textbooks, recipe books and technical manuals. In particular, mathematics and questions/problems look particularly good in this template due to the design of the in-text elements. Literary works may not be as suited to this template as a result of the aforementioned design style, but with some work it could be adapted.

Original Authors:

This template was originally created by Mathias Legrand with inspiration from the material found here and here. It has been extensively modified for this website by Vel.


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